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Summer Camps

Summer is a time for adventure, learning, and making memories that last a lifetime. Our wide variety of camps all offer hands-on immersed learning and guest speakers. With experienced counselors and a safe, supportive environment, your child will have the time of their life while developing new skills and friendships. Join us for a summer full of fun and growth!

TutorLion program

Most Popular!

STEM Accelerator

From Lego Robotics to programming concepts, this camp covers everything STEM-related. It's perfect for kids with interest in technology. This dynamic camp also includes guest speakers and hands-on learning.

Most Personal Development!


The best thing to be in the 21st century is a good communicator. This camp covers the basics of communication, including public speaking, essay writing, presentations, speeches, and more.

TutorLion Blakeney Education
TutorLion Private In-Person Tutoring

Most Creative!


Learn business essentials, then dive deep into the creation of your own idea. Our mentors will cover the basics of finance, leadership, branding, marketing, and more.


We'll cover an introduction to basic engineering principles, and then apply them physically. Students will get an opportunity to use our 3D-Printer and learn CAD. 

TutorLion Private In-Person Tutoring
TutorLion Private In-Person Tutoring

Most Asked For!


Immerse yourself in a full medical experience, learning the basics of medical practices with mock surgeries and several guest speakers.

Most Visual!


Learn the basics of graphic and fashion design with us! Our creative mentors will guide students through creating their own masterpieces.

TutorLion Private In-Person Tutoring
TutorLion Summer Camp
  • Camps typically have 5-15 kids, always maintaining around a 1:3 counselor-to-student ratio

  • Full-day students should pack lunches. We will go to the park during lunchtime

  • Prices can be pro-rated if days are missed. 

  • Early drop-off and late pick-up plans are offered on a case-by-case basis 

  • Snack is provided given parent permission

  • All counselors are trained to maintain a safe environment

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